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Are you interested in VR technology? Did you know that you can now also do real sports in the virtual world? Would you like to be part of an enthusiastic E-sport team and get an inside view of a new, but different type of community? Or would you like to simply enter one of the existing realms?

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We need to accept that the digital era has arrived and became part of our everyday lives.
We know well that technology is constantly developing without stopping, so we made a goal to think one step ahead into the future. 

 Based on our experience we have gathered in the past years, the technology with the biggest potential is Virtual Reality.

Forget comfortzones and the „couch society”! In VR it is not enough to push buttons in order to be successful. As you strive to make the correct decision, your stamina level, your reflexes and quick thinking will be tested.

Your past experience in the real world will help you, but what if we tell you that the experiences in the cyber-world can help you in real life as well?

A small summary

This is the opportunity LINKUP VR ES A. can give!

Our easily accesible training room awaits everyone who wants to relax and have fun, who are looking for new excitements and also esport lovers.



My time in the army made me a little strict, punctuality and order is my everything. You can feel the steel in how I lead and run things. In spite of this my love for technology and people who seek adventure, who are not afraid to look their fears in the eye, always make me smile.



Magic is real. Its practitioners lurk in backrooms across the city. Duels play out in concealed urban areas in their own small dimensions, where the warriors use their spells with destructible features to win and in order to become the Grandmaster. Spellcasters are bound not only by their powers, but an ancient code and their instincts, which guides them after the battle. The battles are policed by an order so ancient and powerful that its name remains unspoken. Welcome to the world of Unspoken!

The game is part of the official VR Esport League. The project’s goal is to represent Hungary in the international esports league with trained and skilled players. We provide spectacular battles brodcasted with commentaries for people interested in esport. Our members in Linkup train two times a week, on Wednesday and Friday between 18:00-21:00, with the help of instructors in order to become better players.

 Every month as a finale an inhouse championship called Arcane Arena is organized, in which our „mages” fight for the Grandmaster title. The winner of Arcane Arena can with pride wear the title for a month.


Dear Visitor! 
As you could gather by now, we endavor to utilize the opportunities presented by VR technology to the fullest. Two of our leading projects, the FOKUSUP and GAMERUP require significant financial background, for we need to either reach out to the children with attention-deficit disorder or to relocate our systems to schools. Every contribution is highly valued and helps us in our everyday work to reach our greater goals.

  • For one-time small donations (up to 50.000HUF): We put up your name on the supporter page for your contribution. /please don’t forget to put your name in the comment section/
  • For one time larger donations: We put up your highlighted name on the supporter page, the management will thank you in a video and we send you a memorial certificate . /please don’t forget to put your name, adress and phone number in the comment section/
  • For regular sponsorship (minimum 10.000HUF/month for a year: )we’ll put your name on our webside’s partner page and will tag you in our social media posts ( the team’s Facebook page), and will put your rollup in our team area and we bring it to the events we attend.
In case you wish to enter a partnership with us please contact our management!
The income from the donations goes to:

the improvement of our VR systems, the modernization of our team area where most of the activities take place, and to make appearance in different events to promote the digital sport. And at last, but not least we aim to accomplish our research designed to help children with ADD and ADHD.

If you feel like our cause aligns with your personal beliefs and wish to help us with a contribution to achieve our goals, you can do so in the following bank account:


Best Regards,



What does Linkup mean? To connect in the cyber-world. You can find a letter in our logo, which represent VR if you look closely enough. However it means much more. The letter is a K as the Hungarian translation’s starting letter for Community called „ Közösség”.

Our team consists of different kind of people and personalities, but despite our differences we are able to make a community, because we believe in the Linkup mentality. Our most important principal is that winning is not the most important. We do not have better or worse. If you suffer a loss fifty times that only means that there is fifty ways, how you should not play. We believe that everyone has a place at us, be it a professional Esport or a casual player.